Easy Man

Easy Man is an SNMP Manager that monitors your infrastructure. It’s suited for minor/medium sized networks up to 1,500 polled devices.

In addition to polling it can receive SNMP Traps from all your equipment in the network. Advanced Event Action Filters lets you present status and alarms in a flexible way. Read more


Internet of Things (IoT): Support for LoRaWAN Sensors. Read more


Add-On Modules to SNMPc/Easy Man

Easy Look

The Mobile App, where you with a few clicks quickly have full control of what is happening in your network. High security with certificate and encrypted communication. Works on Apple and Android. Read more


Easy Works

Every 24 hours all devices are imported from the map database in SNMPc.

Information is collected via an intelligent snmp manager from all switches, routers, servers etc.

Data is saved into searchable reports. You get a layer 2 documentation, have full control of all VLANs, MAC/IP-addresses, installed software, disk usage etc.

Backup is taken of your switches config, and traffic statistics is saved on all ports in your network. Read more


Easy Call


Being away from your network management station will not stop you from getting important events in plain text to your Mobile Phone, Pager, Beeper or E-mail Box.  Read more

Windows Log Trapper


Reads Event Logs on Windows Servers and send important events as SNMP Traps and/or Syslog Messages. Read more